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Road Trip Style – Cadillac Ranch on Route 66

During our latest road trip, we decided to stop at an iconic landmark in Amarillo, TX… Cadillac Ranch on Route 66! In case you are not familiar, Cadillac Ranch is a public work of pop-art from the 70’s and it consists of 10 Cadillacs (models between 1948 and 1963) buried nose down in a large empty lot. I have to say that it is pretty cool to see the cars all lined up facing the same direction and tilted on a specific angle. The cars have all been painted on, but the place definitely has a unique hippy-ish vibe.

The weather for the road trip was far from nice, the wind was so cold that my ears almost fell off and my tears came out as icicles. On top of that, you have to walk through an open field to get to this main attraction, so thank goodness I used my common sense and wore flat booties for this! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on road trips and the people I go with solely choose fashion and completely forget of comfort, even being fully aware of the large number of hours they’ll be stuck in the car! Well, choose both!

During the cold season, I love wearing cozy oversized sweaters! Now, don’t get me wrong, don’t just buy a giant sweater, shape still matters if you want to not feel like a complete slob. Wear a slightly bigger sweater, pair it with some form fitting jeans or jeggings, and your favorite seasonal booties. This look is casual and comfy while still looking cute and accentuating certain curves. For this particular outfit, I do have to say that I underestimated the windchill for the walk from the car to Cadillac Ranch. I was perfectly fine with my sweater until mid-walk, when a bone chilling breeze hit me, and I thought I had instantly caught pneumonia; but the outfit was perfect for the rest of the trip.

My color obsession this season has definitely been a kind of mustardy yellow as well as other yellowish and golden tones.  This sweater worked great for the pictures we took here since the cars are so colorful; it helped to tone it down a bit and has that chill vibe I was going for.

I repeat myself a lot when I say this, but it is so true. Fashion is all about feeling great in your own skin and loving what you are wearing. It doesn’t matter if you are dressed in the latest trends… If you don’t feel right, it shows. You have to feel beautiful and comfortable with whatever you are wearing to project that confidence to others. Confidence is beauty, remember that. People can give you their opinions, but the only thing that truly matters is how you feel and how you see yourself. It can be hard but work in falling in love with yourself; love that gorgeous woman in the mirror staring back at you.

Share your secret, how do you boost your self confidence on a daily basis? What is your favorite road trip look?

Stay true – Chantal

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When You Are in Need of a Mini-Vacation

Hey, I get it… working every day, going home to take care of family, cooking, cleaning, and the same routine over and over and over… yuck. WE ALL NEED A BREAK ONCE IN A WHILE!

Everyone has a different concept on what they consider relaxing and a break from the day to day. Some people love going hiking, some biking, mani-pedis, locking themselves in a room with a tub of not ice cream, ignoring the neediness of their family from an entire day and just watch Netflix in PJs… well, you get it. Even though I love all of those activities (or lack of), I have a HUGE OBSESSION with this fantastic place near my area called Spa Castle. Sadly, they only have a location in Carrollton, TX, one in College Point, NY and one coming soon in Alexandria, VA. If you live in any of those areas, rush over there to check it out if you haven’t done so; if you don’t, maybe there’s something similar? Look it up… really worth it!

Now, this is unlike your regular day spa; this is a combination of a European spa and an Asian bathhouse and the experience is beyond relaxing for an entire day of disconnecting from the world and avoiding responsibilities!

Temperature controlled jetted pools

No freezing your butt here, all their pools are temperature controlled and you choose which pool has the best temperature for you. On top of that, you get to try out all kinds of different jets to massage every part of your body, relieve tension, increase circulation, and improve digestion. I am telling you, you will have to get dragged out of there because you’ll be so relaxed! You can even order a drink or two at the bar and zip while you don’t think about the people on the outside 😉

Bath Area

Because one hot tub is never enough, they offer four! They also have a cold bath pool that it is supposed to rejuvenate the body, strengthen the immune system and help with blood circulation. They also have a dry sauna and a steam room to relax and cleanse the pores.

Sauna Paradise

If you share the love I have for saunas, this is the place for you. This place has seven saunas, all made with different materials and for different purposes. Each sauna has a sign that tells you the benefits of that particular sauna, what it is made out of as well as a sign that gives you the temperature. Here is a list of their different saunas and their benefits according to Spa Castle’s website:

  • Gold Sauna – This beautiful sauna is lined with plates of real gold and it is supposed to help with sore limbs as well as to balance the mind, body and soul.
  • Loess Soil Sauna – This is their hottest sauna and the smell of the loess soil and herbs help with relaxation.
  • Jade Sauna – Jade emits infrared rays that help heal the body.
  • Color Therapy Sauna – Each color section of the sauna helps improve different physical and mental aspects of the body; emotions, moods, metabolism and energy.
  •  Himalayan Salt Sauna – This sauna creates a bacteria-free environment, it helps to regulate blood pressure, relieve allergies, and reduces signs of aging!
  • Far Infrared Sauna -The infrared light of the sauna is absorbed by the skin to stimulate blood circulation, increase oxygen to the brain, clear up nasal congestion and clear pores.
  • Ice Land – This is a cold space that is meant to stimulate the body’s anti-oxidant capabilities, strengthen the immune system, firm the skin, reduce cellulite among other incredible benefits. (I counted three less butt cheek dimples after leaving the room! lol JK).  

Spa Services and More

Pamper yourself like there’s no tomorrow with one of their spa services, like body scrubs, massages, facials, and body wraps. Once done, you can go have a bite at one of their restaurants, their café, bar, or my favorite… The Juice Farm! Their milk tea or coconut slushy with boba are to die for!!!!!!

Know Before You Go!

As I mentioned, this is part bathhouse, so there are certain areas where people are completely NAKED, yes… NAKED! Every time I visit this place, I see at least one group of women in the locker room or bath area looking shook and confused as to why everyone is walking around naked with no hesitation. Let me explain, this place has certain “naked areas” and certain “clothed areas”.

The naked areas are: the locker rooms, showers, hot tubs, steam room, and the only dry sauna in the bath area. All these areas are either all men or all women.

The clothed areas are: the jetted pools, bar, restaurants, meditation areas, spa, lobbies, and all saunas outside of the locker/bat area. For these areas, you are provided with a uniform that you are to wear, and you must wear a bathing suit for the pools. Also, no shoes allowed, it is all a barefooted facility.

Some people may be completely against seeing other people’s nakedness (and that is fine), so make sure you actually do some research on the places you are planning to visit to decide if it is a place for you or not. Now, you don’t have to get into the bath area, you can just go and enjoy their fantastic spa services, saunas, the multiple pools with various temperatures and jets, as well as their delicious food.  Honestly, once you are there, you don’t even care anymore, so just give it a chance. People are in a completely different mindset, just relaxing and minding their own business, people are not looking at you and thy are not judging you. Go with it and own it!

What’s your favorite local place for a me day?  

Stay True – Chantal

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Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort

You haven’t lived until you’ve taken at least one road trip. The scenic routes, the company, the music; what’s not to love other than the constant pit stops to a public restroom?! We decided to pack up and take one to New Mexico, specifically to a mineral springs resort and spa not too far from Santa Fe called Ojo Caliente. Oh my! This place is such a wonderful retreat when you want to escape the busy city life or when you just feel like you need a relaxing time. I am all about getting pampered and when I tell you that this place has it all, I mean it!

Peace & Quiet

This is an amazing place but definitely not one to go party. The entire hot springs and spa area is considered a “whisper zone” and you must consider this literally. Staff passes by every so often with a sign that reminds you to whisper; they even have an indoor “silent” hot spring pool where there is no talking allowed. I sure think this should be one of the preferred getaway spots for public figures as certain harassing behavior wouldn’t be allowed! This place is technically not an adults only place, we actually saw about three kids during our stay, but I mean poor babies; they can’t talk, run, jump or swim, what kind of vacation is that! Who knows, maybe they are very Zen children. If you get tired of the quiet, you can go to the restaurant or the bar area and have normal volume conversations and a drink or two…or 5 I mean you are not driving right?! (drink responsibly).

The Waters

I am happy with a hot tub, but I do have to admit that their hot springs are just a completely different and incredible experience. In one of their brochures I read that their mineral waters have flowed from a subterranean aquifer for thousands of years and that they are the only hot springs in the world with 4 types of mineral waters and they all have different healing properties.

Iron Spring

The iron in these waters is considered to help with blood circulation and the immune system.

Soda Spring

These waters are believed to relieve digestive problems.

Arsenic Spring

It is believed that these waters are beneficial to relief arthritis pain, stomach ulcers, and a variety of skin conditions.

Lithia Spring

The water in this pool is supposed to help relieve depression and aid in digestion.

Regardless of the benefits these waters are believed to have, just the variation in temperatures, smells, and water properties are sufficient for an incredibly relaxing time.


An extra perk is the mud pool area! They have a water fountain type thing with mud for you to cover your entire body with it, lay out to let it dry, and then rinse off in a delicious hot spring pool. If you are a bit anti-social, they also have private pools that can be scheduled for an additional fee and you get almost an hour in a private pool area!… you guessed it, we took advantage of this.

Suggestion: It was a bit too cold this time a year so the best time to visit would be spring or fall.

The Spa Experience

As if the incredible hot springs weren’t enough, you can take pampering to another level and checkout their various spa services. They offer facials, wraps, massages, hair therapy, and body scrubs! Once you are done with all this, you can relax in their steam room or dry sauna. All I can say is that after a day like this you fall asleep at the touch of a pillow.

Nature Lover?

If you are a nature lover like me, you need to make some time to hike their incredible property. They have 1,100 acres of land adjoining even thousands more of national forests and public land. By the way, did I mention they consider their land sacred?! Yeah, talk about connecting with nature. You can also join one of their hatha or restorative yoga classes to jumpstart your day. Namaste.

Hunger Tamer

The restaurant and bar offer a great variety of food including vegetarian options. Their huevos rancheros are amazing as well as their very unique blue corn and pine nut pancakes with maple syrup (don’t judge me, only ate one to try it, too unique not to try).


Santa Fe is about an hour drive from Ojo Caliente and it is the cutest little town! From the unique architecture, local culture, crafts to the food, you will not get tired of this place.

We had lunch at this place calles La Plazuela and OMG it was absolutely incredible! They have a very varied menu to appeal to everyone but they have the best vegan dish I have had so far and I will post it here because I just have to:

Cashew Cake

Roasted cashew cake, Portobello mushroom risotto, sweet potato polenta, grilled cauliflower steak, and sautéed spinach with roasted tomato sauce… holy crap right?! (Picture here) and link to the restaurant

Stay True – Chantal