My Number One Self Tanning Tip

Summers coming to an end.. which also means my TAN is coming to an end! I always make sure to self tan year round. EVEN in the summer, I use self tanner to even everything out.

But it can be super hard to get a self tan to go on even and smooth though! Here are my top 3 tips to get a great tan!

  1. Exfoliate first! But don’t shave. If you have to shave, wait one more day to tan since your pores can open up a bit. Then exfoliate right before.. I personally love to dry brush!
  2. Use a mit. This will make sure your hands don’t turn orange and will help you rub the lotion smoothly on your skin.
  3. And this is my NUMBER ONE SECRET TIP! Apply lotion RIGHT after. This way you’ll smell better.. but this is just a second round of making sure your tan is on well!

I personally love Bondi Sands the most, but you definitely don’t need an expensive tanner. With these tips you can make any one work!