Be Healthy

Drinking on Vacation

Coming to you from sunny Mexico.. I’m talking about how to stay healthy while still enjoying a few drinks on vacation!

The first thing people normally talk about on a “diet” is the need to cut out alcohol. In my opinion, I don’t want to do anything on a diet that I’ll start doing again and can’t make part of my lifestyle. Otherwise, you’ll just gain that weight straight back! So I just make start changes to my drinking (in moderation.. of course!).

My top tips are:

  • Don’t use sugary mixers! Nix pre-made marg mixes or sugary sodas. Opt for sparkling water or water with a few DROPS of juice.
  • Stick to one liquor. In my experience, once I start mixing a ton of stuff, it affects me more which leads to bad food choices. Even on vacation at an all inclusive, I pick either vodka or silver tequila each day and stick to it!
  • Avoid sweet wines. Lean towards dryer blends (merlot, cab, chardonnay) or even better yet – brut sparkling wine. A lower sugar intake is better AND sparkling wine has bubbles and a lower alcohol content.
  • Add ice. I personally hate cold drinks.. but adding ice will keep you hydrated (it melts into water.. duh hahaha), and will help you drink slower.
Photographed.. whiskey on the rocks and champagne with a splash of liquer!