Be Beautiful

Affordable & Natural Skin Care

Sometimes the struggle can feel REAL when trying to get good quality skin care items that are just as good for the environment.. and not spend hundreds of dollars! Here are a few ways to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

  1. Go through your pantry! One of my favorite ways to remove facebook is by using olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil. It might seem counterintuitive slathering oil all over your face, but it takes off makeup SUPER easily and when your skin is dry, you actually produce more oil!
  1. Search your local store for hidden gems! I shop at Trader Joe’s normally, and I absolutely loveee their rose oil as a moisturizer, their facial oil cleanser, their face wipes/masks, and their acai facial scrub. These all have minimal ingredients and are all under $6 each! (and they smell amazing)
  1. DIY! We’ll have a couple of DIY face mask recipes coming up, but there are a ton of concoctions you can make at home and then you KNOW what’s in it! One example is that lemon juice can brighten up the skin, or check out this post about red wine.

XO, Kim


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