Stay Healthy on the Road

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL when it comes to eating healthy while on the road! The key to staying with your fitness goals (and possibly your New Years resolutions.. helloo 2019!) is to plan ahead.

We’ve all heard people talk about meal prep, but that doesn’t just have to mean planning ahead lunches for the office. In our case, we took a 10 hour road trip each way to NM, and planned ahead. I made a stop by good old Trader Joe’s and got some pre cut apples and veggies to eat on the way.. and LOTS OF WATER!

Staying hydrated is especially important when traveling. It’s super easy to get bloated when not moving for a long time and not drinking water.

Finally, get up and move! Make sure you’re stopping every 2-3 hours (or if you’re on a plane, get up!) and get some steps in. Even if it’s just walking around a gas station looking at magnets.. get moving!

XO, Kim